18% whaat?

Hello world.

Almost half a year without a single post. Just as I feared. This sad story ends now with some warmed up information about colour science that I tend to forget all the time. So yes, I am basically blogging to myself for now but I hope this will be help for people who stumble upon it.

The topic is the magical „18% Grey“ and what it is used for. It can be found on „Grey-Cards“ used mainly by photographers (to get the correct exposure and whitebalance) or on „Grey-Balls“ used in post production of movies and commercials and also on the Macbeth Color Checker (bottom row, fourth from the left). Continue reading 18% whaat?

Revamping the Site

My new Web-Portfolio is finally online and just in time for the FMX ’16 starting tomorrow. There is still some work to do here and there (especially the reel and resumee) but it’s coming together.

It should also be quite mobile friendly but if you encounter problems, please let me know!

Cheers Michael.